Black Bear
Ursus americanus

Black Bears have been expanding their range in NY, and can now be seen in just about every county north of New York City, either passing through or taking up residence. While their coloration may vary across the US, Black Bears in New York are almost always black with brown muzzles. They are omnivorous and will eat just about anything, including garbage and bird seed, which often results in unmistakable destruction.



Lots of interesting data has been collected by the state and bear hunters over the years. Most bears taken in NY weigh between 150-300 pounds, with the males at the heavier end of the scale. Bears weighing 500lbs or more, while uncommon, are taken every year by bear hunters. Bears can also be aged by their teeth; the the oldest one taken in New York State, from Essex County, was over 40 years old. Bears typically killed by hunters age around 5 years old.

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Specimen # 49
Date: April 18, 2009
Location: Highland Falls, NY
Notes: At Brooks Lake in Bear Mtn. Park. On a partially submerged dead tree, with #50.


Specimen #235

Date: May, 2012
Location: Trout Creek, NY
Notes: Thanks to Will from up the hill in Trout Creek, NY for this video!.

Background image credit: Mike Bender/USFWS