Peekskill Studio

Outside model.

Here's what it looks like when you walk in the door. My furniture editor was not working correctly so I couldn't make it look like my stuff, but the size is to scale. You can see the couch and coffee table. the "thing" on the mat in the background represents my exercise machine, and the wood thing on the left is an entertainment center (It's way bigger than my TV stand, but it would have taken forever tore-create mine, you get the idea).

When you walk in the door.

Living room from the window.

Here is the "living room" from the window by the exercise machine. You can see the front door (ignore the grass and sky, I didn't feel like modeling the entire building). The closet doors were complicated so I left them out. Actually I removed one of them to stick that table in there, it looks kinda cool like that. I wonder if I could put the wood there in real life. Anyway the "table" is the same size as my moniter cage and turtle tub, I was thinking of "stacking" them somehow, like a reptile bunk bed, cuz the turtle tub, even though it's a wierd shape, is only 6in wider and 6in longer than the cage.  Now that I think of it the cage is the same size as my coffee table...That could be a very interesting coffee table....

Furniture Ideas (click on the links below)
"Showcase" Retile cages (stackable space saving cages)


Here is the Bedroom Area. My dressers are not that tall, but I couldn't work the furniture editor. I resized a computer work station and put a twin bed on top of it, it's the closest I could come to recreating a loft bed. I was thinking more of the metal ones, they are cheaper, but now that I put the wood in there it kinda serves a double purpose, no one can see in the kitchen now from the outside.